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Spinal disc Decompression

Need Back Pain Relief? Consider IDD Therapy.


Spinal Disc Decompression for the neck and low back

DRS (Decompression Reduction Stabilization)

IDD (Internal Disc Decompression)

IDD therapy is a non-invasive treatment for low back pain.  It has a great success rate and is far less expensive than traditional back surgery. We have used the IDD table for years and are very knowledgeable about its capabilities and which patients will get the best results.  We are confident our program will reduce back pain and restore function to the spine.  Every back condition is different and yours will be specifically addressed to give the best outcome.  Combined with the IDD treatment we have our patients go through a spine rehabilitation program to focus on improving muscle weaknesses and identifying abnormal motion patterns. This helps reduce future flare-ups and re-occurrences.

DRS/IDD Program at Pioneer Comprehensive Medical includes:

1. Initial Consultation, Physical exam, and review of your records and scans.

2. Weekly re-evaluations to measure progress and make changes, if necessary.

3. Fifteen (15) treatments on the DRS table: each visit includes heat, decompression, electrical muscle stimulation and ice.  Treatments are daily, Monday through Friday for three (3) weeks.

Program Fee - $1,000.00

Note: This fee is not billable to insurance.  To schedule a free consultation to see whether this is the right treatment for you, call us at (801) 576-1086.  Other medical office visits or other treatments are additional and may be billed through your insurance if we are providers.


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